MTR/SASSI SSI Programs (11.9.14)

MTR/SASSI is a modular computer program, with each program module designed to perform a specific task. For a brief description of each module, go to our modules page. Below are the MTR/SASSI programs currently or soon-to-be available.

MTR/SASSI Standard Program — Incorporates 10 standard program modules to perform complete analyses of 2D and 3D dynamic SSI models.

MTR/SASSI Full Program — Incorporates 8 program modules in addition to the standard program modules to enhance program capabilities.

MTR/SASSI Enterprise Program — Incorporates all the program modules of the Full Program plus enhanced performance to analyze large and complex SSI models.

MTR/SASSI Supercomputing Program — Takes the Enterprise Program to the next level with the ability to run on large computer clusters for High Performance Computing with practically no limitations on model size.

MTR/SASSI Cloud Computing Program — Performs high performance computing in the highly popular cloud.

MTR/SASSI Limited Program (Free) — Incorporates all the capabilities of the Standard Program but limited to smaller models.

MTR/SASSI UI — Allows SASSI models to be developed, visualized, modified, and analyzed directly within this user interface and the results outputted in graphical form.