Cloud Computing Program


The MTR/SASSI Cloud Computing Program consists of 20 program modules: SITE, CNTRL, POINT2, POINT3, MOTOR, HOUSE, CLUSTR, ANALYS, FBASE, RIMP, COMBN8, MOTION, STRESS, GFORCE, IFORCE, FSUM, SNODE, DISIMP, FRMFDI and FRMKMC. For a brief description of each program module, go to our modules page.

The program itself has no limitations on the size of the SSI model. However, the upper limit of the model size will be controlled by the maximum available memory. In addition, no large intermediate tape is generated and/or stored; therefore, eliminating the need for large storage and I/O.  SSI models with over 500,000 degrees-of-freedom and 55,000 direct interaction nodes have been efficiently solved on large computer clusters that utilize High Performance Computing and parallel shared memory on the cloud computing.

Maximum Structural Nodes No Limit
Maximum Direct Interaction Nodes No Limit
Maximum Number of Elements No Limit
Maximum Number of Layers No Limit
Operating System 64-bit Linux
Type of License Subscription
Maintenance Included