MTR & Associates, Inc. was founded by Dr. Mansour Tabatabaie in 1987. Dr. Tabatabaie is a principal author of the SASSI code, developed at the University of California, Berkeley. MTR’s mission is to develop and maintain the computer program MTR/SASSI.

MTR/SASSI offers a wide range of capabilities for the reliable and efficient analysis of 3D soil-structure interaction (SSI) problems. MTR/SASSI has been used for applications in industries such as energy, transportation, water resources, and defense, where reliability and performance are of critical importance.

MTR has been at the forefront of innovations in SSI technologies for the past 25 years. With its unique capabilities and involvement in highly challenging projects, MTR continues to innovate and enhance the capabilities of MTR/SASSI to meet the ever-evolving needs of the industry.