Limited Program (Free)


The MTR/SASSI Limited Program consists of 10 modules: SITE, CNTRL, POINT2, POINT3, MOTOR, HOUSE, ANALYS, COMBN8, MOTION and STRESS. For a brief description of each module, go to our modules page.

Maximum Nodes 200
Maximum Direct Interaction Nodes 200
Maximum Number of Elements No Limit
Maximum Number of Layers 30 (incl. halfspace)
Operating System 64-bit Windows
Type of License One Year
Maintenance None

This limited program is provided free of charge to customers who would like to try MTR/SASSI and become familiar with its capabilities.

To ensure that the latest version of the program is used, the license expires on December 31 of each year — with the exception of licenses ordered in December, which expire by the end of the following year. Once the license expires, the program can no longer be used. A new license can be requested at no charge.

To request a free limited version of MTR/SASSI, please complete and submit a license request form on our order page.